DLI in the Media

The Digital Leadership Institute and its Executive Team are regularly featured in the news about topics related to inclusive digital transformation.  Find out more below, and do not hesitate to contact us for interviews, articles, public speaking, moderating or other media opportunities related to the DLI mission.

Date Channel Content
2019-03-23 W20 Japan W20 Japan Communique to the G20 Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2019-02-25 Bloovi (Belgium) “This Belgian is a Digital Leader of Europe” Interview – Che Van Dyck
2018-11-20 Financial Times (UK) “Europe’s 100 digital champions” Article – Che Van Dyck
2018-10-03 W20 Argentina W20 Argentina Communique to the G20 Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2018-06-14 Amazon Web Services Digital Leadership Institute Uses AWS to Increase Diversity in Tech Interview – Che Van Dyck
2018-06-13 The Economist (UK) Open Digital: Breaking Gender Barriers Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2018-06-19 European Commission Digital4Her Conference Moderator – Che Van Dyck
2018-01-20 Behind The Story Paving the Way for Girls and Women to become LEADERS in this Digital Age! Interview – Che Van Dyck
2017-10-27 GSMA -Mobile World Live Interview: Digital Leadership Institute Interview – Che Van Dyck
2017-07-19 STEMM Equality Conference  

Panel: Best Practices for Industry to Support Gender Equality in Academia

Moderator – Che Van Dyck
2017-05-17 UN Women -EmpowerWomen.org Breaking the Digital Glass Ceiling Interview – Che Van Dyck
2017-05-05 UN Human Rights – OHCHR Ways to Bridge the Gender Digital Divide from a Human Rights Perspective Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2017-04-27 European Commission Girls in ICT Every Day Author – Che Van Dyck
2017-03-12 4YFN Barcelona Interview: Cheryl D. Miller Interview – Che Van Dyck
2017-03-08 General Electric – GE Reports The Digital Gender Divide Is An Economic Problem For Everyone Author – Che Van Dyck
2016-12-31 European Commission -Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs in Europe European Eskills Manifesto – “Toward Inclusive Digital Transformation” Author – Che Van Dyck
2016-06-21 GE Minds & Machines Fireside Chat with Niamh Scanlon, EU Digital Girl of the Year Moderator – Che Van Dyck
2016-01 El Mundo (Spain) Can Technology Bridge the Gender Gap? We Ask Cheryl Miller Interview – Che Van Dyck
2016-01 EY – Women Fast Forward “Who Holds the Key to Closing the Skills Gap?” Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2016-11-15 Failing Forward 2015 Cheryl D. Miller Speech – Che Van Dyck
2015-11 Handelsblatt (Germany) Participation of Women Benefits the Economy Contributor – Che Van Dyck
2015-10-27 Ada Lovelace Festival 2015 “A Look Back at #Ada15” Interview – Che Van Dyck (2’25”)
2014-09-21 UN ITU – Broadband Commission “Eskills for Girls & Women” Report Author – Che Van Dyck
2014-06-11 Watify Interview:  Cheryl Miller/DLI Interview – Che Van Dyck
2014-04-16 UN ITU – Girls in ICT Day Interview:  Cheryl Miller/DLI Interview – Che Van Dyck
2014-03-15 Journal of International Innovation Digital Leadership Institute Interview – Che Van Dyck
2014-03-06 Women2020 Women2020 Action Plan: Time to Act Co-Author & Editor – Che Van Dyck
2013-05-03 Excelsior (Mexico) Driving Participation of Women in Tech Interview – Che Van Dyck
2013-04-26 UN ITU – Girls in ICT Day ITU Celebrates Girls in ICT Day 2013 Interview – Che Van Dyck (1’45”)
2012-12-10 Data News (Belgium) Quickest Win for ICT? Attract More Women! Author – Che Van Dyck
2012-12-07 TEDxVilnius Girls Are Going to Save the World Speech – Che Van Dyck
2012-04-26 European Voice Europe Needs More Women in Science Author – Che Van Dyck
2012-04-18 Jyllands-Posten (Denmark) Getting Kids into IT Interview – Che Van Dyck
2012-03-08 Toronto Sun (Canada) Pushing Girl Power Interview – Che Van Dyck